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2005: “excellent performance” in the 13rd Chun Yan Cup TV advertising competition.

2004: “Beijing Haidian district 2003 advertising industry practitioner”

2004: propaganda films for Beijing Olympic Games produced by Sun&Sea is awarded the best performance of the Asian-pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) promotion film competition.

2003: Best National Adverting Company of the year.

2002-2003: Culture Practitioner of Beijing Advertising Industry of the year.

2003: Practitioner of the SAS public service advertisements of the year.

The 10th National Advertisements Show Best graphic advertisement of public service: <Family Violence>

2003: Excellent Performance on public service advertisement of the year 2001-2002, awarded by central government.

2003/2004: Sun&Sea is awarded with “Famous Brand of Beijing”

2003” Practitioner of Public Service by China Youth Development Foundation Hope Project Beijing Donation Centre

2003: Best Organizer of New Year Party by “Left Band Union Advertisers”.

2002: Excellent Performance of TV advertisements in the 20th China TV Golden Engle Award. <Pingan Insurance Commercial Advertisement—Chapter of Wish>

2000-2001: Culture Practitioner of National Advertising Industry of the year.

2000-2001: Culture Practitioner of Beijing Advertising Industry of the year.

2002: The 9th China Advertisement Festival

“Enterprise Image Design” run-up:<Pingan Insurance Chapters of Wish> <Pingan Insurance Chapter of staff>

Public Service Advertisement run-up:<Children’s future is determined by your choice>

2002: Beijing Public Moral Advertisement Competition Film category Best Visual Effect:<Qinghua china>

2002: Silver Cup of Film Category The 4th Beijing international Advertisement Festival Advertisement Competition

2002: “Shunyi Image Design” TV featured film Best Script

2001: 3rd Division of Best Public Service Advertisement by China Consumers Committee:<Green Consumption Series>

2001:Best Advertisement of National Chun Yan Cup: <Little Rabbit>

Best TV promotion film of the 19th China Golden Eagle Festival: <Little Rabbit>

Best Creativity:<Little kids and safety>

Best TV advertisement <Little kids and safety>

Of the 18th (Bai Sha Cup) China TV Golden Eagle Festival


Golden cup: <qinghua china>

Bronze cup: <Technology makes life easy>

Excellent performance: <Communication from heart> series, <China needs you, join the army>series

<Don’t let your kids trust strangers easily>

of the 7th National Advertisement Tour

Exhibition works of “Top Advertisement Night”: Pingan Insurance Commercial Advertisement <Chapter of Wish><I Love You, China><Safety Belt, Chapter of Yellow Trousers>

Top 10 Advertising Films of the 1st China International Advertising Film Competition: Public Service Advertising <Wait for Windfalls>

Excellent Performance: <Small Efforts, Protect Environment><Please Protect Tiger>

The 6th National Advertisement Excellent Works Exhibition

Bronze Cup:<Please Protect Tiger>

Excellent Performance: <Sydney Red Wine><Daytime, Nighttime><Small Efforts, Protect Environment><Shoot 4 in One Go><Communication with Heart, True Love Forever><Traffic Safety, Yellow Trousers><Mr.Wang, Unemployed Life>

“Real Seal” Chinese Advertisement Good Advertisement with Approbation: <Wait for Windfalls New Chapter>

Asia-Pacific International Advertisement Festival run-ups:<Wait for Windfalls New Chapter> <Yellow Trousers><Red Skirt>

1997: Special Contribution to Government through public service advertisement

Beijing “Be Strong, Be Independent” Theme Public Service Advertisement Month

Division 3: <Power of Beauty><Please Protect City Facilities><Colorful Life>

Excellent Performance:<Beautiful Life with civilized Langue><Positive Life with Good Health><Blood Donation>

The 5th National Advertisement Excellent Works Exhibition

Best Public Service Advertisement:<Peaceful Spring Festival with Security><Protect Animal, Chapter of Hands>

China Advertisement Award Excellent Performance:<Share Your Love, Help Others><Daddy, I Love You>

National Advertisement Best Impression

Division 1:<Good Life Through Generations>

Division 2:<Chapter of Women>

Beijing Association of Advertisement Public Service Advertisement “Kunlun Cup”

Excellent Performance: <Chapter of Women><Media Law, Chapter of Water Melon><Alcoholism is Bad for Health>

Government Award of National Public Service Advertisement

Best Graphic Design: <Stay with Family this Year>

Canne Advertisement Festival Competition run-up: <Chapter of Women>

Beijing “China with New Spirit” Theme Public Service Advertisement Month

TV Promotion Division 1:<Respect comes from true power>

Division 2: <Media Law, Chapter of Water Melon>

Division 3: <Good life through generations><Do you know mom is waiting for you>

Beijing Association of Advertisement the 1st “Kunlun Cup” Advertisement Competition

Division 3:<Traffic Safety, Chapter of Red Skirt>


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