Public Relations Events

> 10th Anniversary of Ilim Pulp Russia
> Opening Ceremony of Liweiaila
> “Brilliance of Eminent Gates – Gate of China and France”
> Beijing This Month"Dacing Ball"
> Press of Mercedes-Benz New Type ML350 Special Edition "Fancy Fruit Party"
> Ferrari & Maserati showroom opening ceremony
>Beijing New Star kite Party
>Press of Mercedes-Benz 2005 ML350 Special Edition
>The Party Night of Mercedes-Benz
>Press of Mercedes-Benz SLK
>Mercedes-Benz E240 test driving activity
>“Fly with Dream”—Beijing New Star kite Party
>Beijing New Star Fancy Party in the Valentine Eve

> Fei Yuqing Concert
> The opening ceremony of Marina Rinaldi store in Guomao
> Tour of Canne advertisement festivals to Beijing
> The 3rd International Auto Show Ford Show
> Italian brand MaxMara (Marina Rinaldi) opening ceremony
>The 3rd International Aviation Show American Raytheon Business Airplane Show
> Beijing International TV week events
> “Special A Du” A Du Beijing concert
> “The Last Youth” Xu Wei Beijing concert
> Chinese Chinaware Show world tour
> Tibetan Culture and Arts world tour


By the creative organization of PR activities and precise management on the PR project, the PR activity becomes the public focus and venue of booming sales.
● Organization of press conference
● Organization of seminar and exhibition
● Organization of various celebration activities
● Organization of sales promotion activity
As a major approach for a company to promote its brand, the PR activity is widely used in nowadays business, especially in a day of integrated sales promotion. PR activity is not only a living advertisement and sales promotion channel, but also a bridge for the account, the customer and the market. When customers gets tired with the commercial ads, a good PR activity could re-capture their attention.
The PR service offered by Sun&Sea is much more than propaganda, but more focus on brand establishment. Sun&Sea listens closely to her accounts demand and help them build the brand reputation with her advantageous brand management ability.
The account can also take advantage of Sun&Sea’s prestigious professional team of PR activity organization, which is specially capable of creation, production, account service and media agency.


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