Media Consultant
SunSea is practitioner among the industry to use “TV channel image-designing” concept. The more than 10 years experience with the corporation with mainstream medias make Sun&Sea a professional media consultant.
In an era with abundant integrated communication tools, SunSea will offer not only image-designing activities or productions, but also a series of integrated solutions for the market demand.
As for a TV media agent, it should formulate the strategies from perspectives of government, interest group, ad sponsor, viewers and investor, which is what we call “the environment for media agent”.
The image-building solutions offered by SunSea will be harmonious with the “the environment for media agents”, such as the management on TV channel designing, program planning , and visual and audio designing, media representative (program host or carton characters.

> Image Design of TV Channel
> Image design of TV program
> Newspaper and Magazine


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