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Beijing, the capital of China and the host city of the great games, will step onto the historical stage on behalf of China and become the focus of attention, and conduct the most influential communication project in history for the country and the whole world.
A cultural event with international importance is touched with wonderful artistic inspiration and communicative strength, and is able to extensively present the modern human culture of Beijing. It is under this view that the program of Vision Beijing, which invites world-renowned directors to shoot films for Beijing, is timely initiated

On behalf of Beijing, the Organizing Committee of the program selects five directors who enjoy international fames to shoot films about Beijing, and each of them will have five minutes for their films. It is expected that they will show the best of Beijing to the world through their own angle and with a whole new approach before the opening of the Olympic Games, and at the same time, a more extensive promotion and impact will be conducted and generated for the Olympic Games through their international status and influence.

It is expected that a large-scale promotion program that is the most attractive to the general public will come out of the interactive influence of the Olympic Games, the capital city of China, the world-renowned directors such as Giuseppe Tornatore, Majid Majidi, Oliver Stone, Jane Campion, John Wo and etc, and the world famous enterprises.

Vision Beijing project lasts for two and half years. With Vision Beijing as the main thread, the series of programs under the theme will add much more to the event with more participation and concern of the general public. With the international reputation and influence of 5 directors, and excellent event management, the event becomes a focus of media and public.

Present a story about Beijing, the city of Olympic
Generate profound visual and audio impact
Vision Beijing
Global operation with wonders



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