Sunsea Value






Corporate Value: our value comes from the efforts to help our clients establish and develop brands with great growth potential, accumulate brand property and efficiently convert intangible assets into tangible assets. To establish close relation between consumers and clients’ brands is what we are after.

Corporate mission: integrate resources with efficient creation to generate powerful market impact; be an excellent creator to offer value-added service to our clients.

Corporate goal: understand clients’ needs, respect clients’ opinions, exceed clients’ expectation, share happiness and woe with clients, establish long-term and stable partnership with clients.

Corporate aspiration: enjoy happiness in creation and embrace pride in contribution

Corporate culture:

1.We respect the social value of the company as well as the individual and regard it as a sign of success – we feel proud of meaningful contribution.

2.Creation is the source of our energy, innovation is the source of value-added service, it exists in each link of the cooperation between our clients and us.

3.We are fully aware that the visible process of quality guarantee is the key; a miss is as good as mile; anything that is worth doing deserves a good finishing.

4.Respect knowledge, respect innovation and be familiar with the process that strategic thinking with precise planning gives birth to innovation freedom.

5.Essentials for practice: goal, plan and time.

always know your goal, always have your plan and always remember to have a look at your watch.