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SunSea Advertising Company, Ltd. was founded in Beijing in 1994. Thanks to our local base and global view, SunSea has accomplished a dignified and unique creative style. SunSea, synonymous with famous trademarks and name brands in China's advertising industry, has a well established reputation among clients and cooperators and boasts unique expertise and innovative know-how.

Relying on our comprehensive understanding of the local market and long experience in advertising operation, SunSea has successfully provided a series of services to over a hundred clients, ranging from initial establishment to value increase of brand etc. Creating brand value for clients is always a service tenet of SunSea.

Knowing how to arouse market attention by use of media strength, SunSea has gradually built up a complementary propagating platform by utilizing the media network of the whole country with the least cost to clients and the best effect of products.

While cooperating with many world-known brands, SunSea has rapidly accumulated rich experience in international cooperation. Combining promotion of international brands with the power of the local market, SunSea has created numerous successful cases.

Advanced devices, outstanding production and distinctive creativity are among SunSea's most remarkable strengths and have helped win the company many international and domestic honors.

For SunSea, advertising means not only product promotion but also the spreading of culture. Therefore, we spare no effort to explore the cultural features of each project so as to ensure the products are accepted by society more easily. Bearing a duty to serve society, SunSea, the largest public service advertising producer in China, has been highly recognized by regulatory bodies of China government and is warmly loved by the Chinese public.

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